Kerala Police Seniority List 2020

Kerala Police Seniority List is now available here. The most awaited Kerala Police Seniority list is here category wise for all. You can check it on our web page. Kerala police have thousand of the employee in their department who serves their best to the state people. A number of sub-inspectors and assistant are handled by their heads. Seniority is a concept for a person who severs his or her job from a long time and number of persons came after him or her.

Kerala Police Seniority List 2020

Kerala Police Seniority ListHe is head of all of them. All decisions must be taken by them. If there is any mistake, the responsibility of that mistake will be that senior person.  In Kerala police department, there are numbers of seniors according to their sub-departments.

A Kerala Police Seniority List of them is given below

  1. Armed Police sub-inspectors (Proceedings of state police chief)
  2. Armed police assistant sub-inspectors (Proceedings of state police chief)
  3. Provisional Kerala Police Seniority List of armed police battalion.

Kerala Police Seniority List categories wise

  • Executive– Subdivisions of the executive are following
  •    Provisional Seniority List of Police Personnel of AR
  •    Provisional Seniority list of PCs and WPCs
  •    Finalized seniority list of AR Civil Police Personnel
  •    Seniority list of Armed Reserve Civil Police Officers
  •    Provisional Range Seniority/Regularization lists of SIs(GE) in respect of Kannur Range
  •    Seniority List of Police Constables (CPO) in District Armed Reserve Kasaragod
  •    Seniority list of Chief Reporters in Short Hand Bureau
  • Ministerial– Subdivision seniority list in ministerial areas
  •   Seniority List of Clerks
  •   Seniority List of Test qualified LDC
  •   Seniority List of Typists
  •   Provisional Seniority Lists
  • FSLKerala Police Seniority List for Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) as follows
  •   Seniority list for scientific assistant—subcategories for the scientific assistant is polygraph, physics,                 chemistry, biology, documents.
  •   Seniority list for tester inspector
  •   Seniority list joint director
  •   Seniority list assistant director

All Seniority lists of Kerala police departments are described in this article. If any Kerala Police Seniority List is updated by the police department, we will update this article very soon. Keep checking this article.

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